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Chocolate Cinnamon Bear Candy is Unique to it's Home State

Chocolate covered cinnamon bears are to Utah like the Goo Goo Cluster is to Tennessee or the Idaho Spud is to Idaho. All of these crave-able confections marry delectable ingredients with a luxurious chocolate coating. For those who don't already know, Utahns love candy, in fact, we eat more candy per capita than any other US state! So, it’s no surprise that, for almost 120 years, the Sweet's Candy Company in Salt Lake City, is renowned as one of the oldest family-owned and operated candy producing companies in the country.  

The Sweet's Candy Company discovered the unusual cinnamon chocolate combination back in 1994 and caught candy lovers by surprise with the new spicy, sweet combination. Sweet's Candy Company president, Richard Kay admits that while demand is high, supply is limited; even though Sweet's Candy now produces nearly one million pounds of chocolate cinnamon bears for distribution around the globe each year.  

Chocolate Cinnamon Bear Candy is Unique to it's Home State

The chocolate cinnamon bear joins the ranks of Utah's unusual favorites like fry sauce, a wide array of Jello concoctions, funeral potatoes, and heavenly scones. While not everyone is a fan of all of Utah's favorites, one thing is certain, if you are a sweet-heat lover, you're going to love Sweet's chocolate covered cinnamon bears. Sweet's Candy Company hold the hearts of all Utahns by producing amazing candy, made with only the best ingredients and by using old-world manufacturing methods.  

How Are Chocolate Cinnamon Bears Made?

The magic happens at the Sweet's Candy factory located in SLC, Utah. Sweet's Candy offers the public free tours of their factory and through the years many of Utah's schoolchildren have been delighted by the Willy Wonka-like experience. There are designated rooms for each of the different candy making processes like the jelly bean room, the taffy room and the chocolate enrobing room where spicy little red bears get their chocolate covering.

  • First cinnamon bears ride along a massive conveyor belt, as long as a football field.
  • The conveyor belt takes the little guys for a ride under a chocolate waterfall.
  • They continue their journey on the conveyor to be cooled to just the right temperature.
  • Lastly, these crave-able little bears are bagged for distribution to grocery stores, retailers and through the Sweet's website for delivery directly to your front door.  

Sweet & Spicy Gift Idea

Sweet's Candy Company makes it easy to tell your special someone how much you care with a customized candy gift set to include all their favorites like chocolate covered cinnamon bears, chocolate covered fruit sticks, our world-famous salt water taffy, or choose from our large selection of over 250 different candies. A customized candy gift set will thrill any Sweet Tooth and you can have it shipped directly with a personalized message, available at checkout.

Take advantage of free shipping for wholesale order over $75 and ask about our 10% discount for US military members.

Sweet's Chocolate Sticks Now Made with Real Fruit Juice

In 1940 Jack Sweet wanted to expand Sweet Candy’s chocolate offering.  He came up with the idea of covering sweet and tangy orange jelly in rich luscious milk chocolate, and thus the Chocolate Orange Stick was born.  Over the years Chocolate Sticks have become a part of countless family traditions.  Many people recount stories of waking up every Christmas with a box of Orange Sticks in their stockings; a tradition they have passed down to their children.  What began with Orange has grown to new flavors including Raspberry, Cherry, and Blueberry.

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4th of July Red Velvet Cake Recipe with Sweet's Candy Sours

Patriotic Red Velvet Cake for 4th of July PartyThe 4th of July is almost here! If you are like us you plan on spending the day with your family and friends cooking and eating.& 4th of July is a great time to get creative and make some delicious red, white, and blue treats. This year we found a great cake to bring to your barbecue. This 6 layer red velvet cake is a festive but delicious way to celebrate this holiday!

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Get Bulk Patriotic Candy for Your July Festivities

Buy Patriotic Candy for July Online at Sweet Candy

The Sweet Side of Patriotism

Oh say, can you see…… a Fourth of July get-together that tops off the traditional picnic, barbecue or fireworks-viewing party with star-spangled treats? Brighten your Independence Day festivities this year by purchasing bulk candy in shades of red, white and blue – the sweetest way to demonstrate patriotism and spread the love to your fellow countrymen.  At Sweet Candy Company, we have a wide range of Fourth of July-themed candy to help you celebrate not only this holiday but also Pioneer Day, Veteran’s Day or other Americana-centric occasions. National pride never tasted so good.

We offer a 10 percent military discount as a way of saying "thanks" to those who serve our country.

All American Patriotic TaffyLet us take care of all your holiday-themed candy needs. From chocolates and assorted fruit sours to taffy and other treats, we have the perfect bulk candy to fit your needs. Fill up bowls or jars for a July Fourth party table decoration that’s both festive and practical. Create individually wrapped party bags to hand out to guests at your barbecue or cookout. Distribute handfuls of wrapped candy, like all-American salt water taffy, during Independence Day parades or while watching fireworks. Our July special promotions include a free 24 oz. bag of taffy when you spend $50 at Sweet Candy Company and free shipping on orders of $75 or more!

Pride and Tradition

Five score and five years ago, our fathers started a candy store in Portland, Ore., that was soon after relocated to Salt Lake City. Multiple generations later, our family is happy to continue the tradition of providing quality candy across the country and world. We also are honored to spread American pride this Fourth of July season by distributing patriotic candy in bulk. You can purchase our candy online, in your local grocery store or by visiting our candy factory in downtown Salt Lake City. Long live the USA.