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  • Cupcakes, candy, and Valentine’s Day just go together, and these cupcakes are a fun way to make your special someone fall in love with you all over again! Get creative! Make them with your kids to give to mom or dad, friends or neighbors. You can even make it a date night with your special someone and see who can make the best cupcake!

    At Sweet Candy Co., we’ve gathered up our favorite Valentine’s Day candy that goes perfectly with any treat and put together a variety of fun cupcake decorating ideas to get you started!

    5 Sweet's Valentines Day Cupcakes

    Supplies You’ll Need:

    • Cake Mix

    • Cupcake Liners

    • White Frosting

    • Food Coloring (we used pink and red)

    • Pink, Red, and White Sprinkles

    • Toothpicks

    • Gold Glitter Tape (Glitter paper and glue would also work)

    Sweet's Valentines Day Glitter Tape

    Candy You’ll Need:

    Sweet's Valentines Day Cupid Cupcakes


    Decorating the Cupcakes:

    1. Bake the cupcakes and let cool

    2. Frost your cupcakes. We recommend a cream cheese frosting!

    3. For the sprinkles we played around with gently sprinkling on top of the cupcakes vs pouring sprinkles in a bowl and gently dipping the cupcakes to get an all over sprinkled look.

    4. For the XO cupcakes we cut the fruit sours in half and laid them down to create an XO (hugs and kisses!) look

    5. To create a flower, place gummy hearts all along the top of the cupcakes. Finish off with placing 1-3 fruit sours in the center. Make sure that the number of “petals” on the flower are odd to give it an extra finishing touch.

    6. Have fun using the toothpicks to stack different candies up high!

    7. If you’re feeling extra crafty: Make a Cupid’s arrow. We started by taking a tooth pick and folding some sparkly gold glitter over the toothpick in half. We then used scissors to cut diagonally to create a feathered look. (like the end of an arrow) You can also use gold glitter craft paper and glue. We found that the tape wasn’t as sticky as we’d hoped. Then stick the other end of the toothpick into one of our gummy hearts and tada! You’ve got yourself an adorable Cupid’s arrow of love!

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