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Taffy Mixer

Do you ever find yourself wanting more of a certain flavor? Do you need a mix of particular flavors or colors for a special occasion? Do you like the ability to customize your taffy order? Do you prefer vintage flavors, or untraditional mixes? If the answers are yes, then the Taffy Mixer is the tool for you. First select your ratio: halves, thirds or quarters; then pick your mix of taffy.

Sweet’s Candy offers 48 delicious and unique flavors of taffy so why just pick one flavor? With our pick your mix tool you can mix and match up to 3 different flavors into a 2.5 pound bag and create your perfect assortment!

  • Customizable
  • Great for crafting, gifting, candy buffets, weddings, showers, display, themes
  • Value Pack: Approximately 180 Pieces Per Bag
  • Amount: 2.5 Pounds Wrapped
  • Individually Wrapped Pieces

Choose up to 3 flavors for your custom mix.

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