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  • Every year, on Thanksgiving, we gather with our friends and family to feast and give thanks. Whether you are a guest or the host, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to express gratitude and appreciation for those you love with an unexpected cheerful treat or thoughtful craft. This year, forget the traditional pumpkin trimmings; delight your guests or host with aesthetic candy décor. The warm, festive colors and delectable flavors of fall will put a smile on your guest's faces - young and old!

    We hope you enjoy our fun collection of Thanksgiving craft projects that are ideal for family time, craft night and school or church activities. Thanksgiving officially marks the beginning of the 'Season of Giving' and is the perfect time of the year to get together with those you care about. Using candy to craft something special for your feast is easy, fun and affordable. Our creative candy décor includes an edible welcoming wreath and elegant, mouthwatering centerpiece ideas that will delight everyone.

    Welcoming Fall Taffy Wreath

    Sweet's Fall Taffy Wreath

    A salt-water taffy wreath is a whimsical way to welcome Thanksgiving guests or to present a sweet and unique hostess gift. This is a fun, unique and inexpensive group craft for ages 12 and up; *supervision may be required for hot glue gun use. Sweetcandy's World Famous Salt Water Taffy(available in bulk) comes in an amazing array of tempting fall flavors like s'mores, caramel, chocolate hazelnut, coconut and honey (pictured). Express your sweet side with this festive fall taffy wreath:

    What You'll Need, per Wreath:

    • About 60 pieces of Salt Water Taffy
    • Wire Hanger
    • Tensile Stems
    • Large Fall-Colored Ribbon for the Bow
    • Wire Cutters / Pliers / Scissors


    1 - Bend the wire hanger into a circle.

    2 - Use wire cutters to cut off the hanging top.

    3 - Using pliers, then bend the 1st open end into a small loop. Circle the other end through the opening and form another, loop for the wreath hanger.

    4 – Cut each tensile stem into 3 smaller pieces (you’ll need approximately 60 pieces, one for each piece of taffy).

    5 – Twist the tensile stem to one end of the wrapper on each piece of taffy.

    6 - Attach the taffy to the wire circle by tightly twisting each tensile stem around the wire. Adjust the taffy as you go to make sure there are no gaps.

    7 - Curl remaining tensile stems around a pencil and attach to the wreath.

    8 - Attach the bow and you're done.

    Finished Sweet's Fall Taffy Wreath

    Candy Corn Votive Candle Holders 

    Candy Corn candle holders

    Traditional tri-colored candy corn votive candle holders can easily transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving but Sweetcandy's old-fashioned candy corn is subtle white, yellow and orange to give a touch of elegance to your votive. You can also use delicious candy pebbles to easily create a more natural-looking, edible centerpiece for your holiday table. For this project, you can use any glass jar, mason jar, glass hurricane or glass votive you already have on hand and bulk candy corn or candy pebbles from


    What You'll Need:

     thanksgiving table decoration


    1 - Fill a glass container with the desired amount of candy corn or candy pebbles.

    2 - Add candles.

    3 - Arrange or group jars on a serving tray in the center of your table or mantle for a warm touch, enjoy!


    candy flower centerpiece

    Better-Than-Flowers Centerpiece 

    Aside from the turkey, a simple and delicious edible centerpiece will be the highlight of your table. Practical and beautiful, these taffy skewers add a fun and creative touch to your holiday gathering and your guests can take them home as a party favor. The kids can pitch-in, making this a nice gift to present to your host. This easy and economical centerpiece can be customized with your favorite taffy and with seasonal favoriteslike fruit swirls in bulk (pictured).


    What You'll Need:



    1 - Slide taffy on bamboo skewers, alternating colors.

    2 - Tie Raffia in a bow to each skewer, just under the taffy.

    3 - Fit the floral foam in the bottom of the bucket and add the skewered taffy.

    4 - Arrange in the center of your table.


    Stunning Candy Corn Topiary

    making candy topiaryThis beautiful candy corn topiary highlights the colors of the season with the traditional cornsilk yellow, pale orange, and white. Grouped together or alone, this topiary will be a topic of conversation around your holiday table. This is a great activity for a craft night with the girls! With or without the dowel, in a small flowerpot or tabletop urn, this stunning candy corn topiary is visually appealing and will add an amazing personal touch to your Thanksgiving Day fare.


    What You'll Need:

    • Candy Corn, Value Pack from Sweet's Candy Company
    • Styrofoam Sphere
    • Hot glue gun
    • Stick or Dowel for Topiary
    • Flower Pot or Urn
    • Floral Foam


    candy corn topiary


    1 - Cut your dowel to size, find the center of the foam sphere and drive the dowel in about halfway, then remove it.

    Hot glue the base of the candy cornand tightly cover the entire sphere, this can be time-consuming – each 5” sphere takes about one hour. *You may want to use a bowl for easier handling.

    2 - Gently reinsert the dowel into the sphere. Remember to handle with careto avoid the need to re-glue pieces that may get disturbed.

    3 - Fill the bottom of the flowerpot or urn with floral foam. Drive topiary stem into the foam and secure it with hot glue, then cover the exposed foam with additional candy corn. Or, gently place the sphere in the urn for display.

    Candy Turkeys

    candy turkeys

    Here is a fun crafting idea perfect for Thanksgiving! 

    We used Sweet’s Chocolate Cherry Sticks and Candy Corn for our turkeys! 

    Get Candy in Bulk from Sweet's Candy Today

    Good food, great company and a thoughtful, heart-warming touch from your hand-crafted candy décor is sure to make your day yummy and memorable with bulk candy fromSweet's Candy Company. Be sure to take advantage of free shipping for bulk candy orders over $75 shop now.

    1 Response

    David Norriss
    David Norriss

    August 13, 2020

    I loved your idea of making a Thanksgiving wreath out of salt water taffy. This looks like such a fun idea to do with my family. It would help keep the kids in the family distracted while the Thanksgiving feast is finished preparing. Thanks for this wonderful idea of using salt water taffy for Thanksgiving decorations.

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