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Bring the beach to any party with a Luau Party Candy Buffet. It’s an easy way to bring summer to you, whatever the season. Our Luau Party Candy Bar includes FREE Printable Labels to make this party setup a snap. 

Candy You Will Need:

1. Salt Water Taffy
2. Lemonade Rings
3. Multi-Colored Sours
4. Pina Colada Sours
5. Sour Gummy Worms
6. Gum Drops
7. Sweet's Candy Fish

Additional Supplies:

1. Cupcake Mix
2. Blue & White Frosting
3. Candy eyes – sold at local grocery store in the baking isle
4. 2-liter lemon lime soda
5. 46-ounce pineapple juice
6. 1-gallon Hawaiian Punch (any color or flavor)
7. Paper to print labels and twine to tie them to containers - Download our free printable labels >> Page 1 & Page 2
8. Kebab Sticks
9. Jars
10.Simple decorations of your choosing – we used tissue poms, paper lanterns, luau sign, table cloth, and a fish net.
11. Drink pitcher
12. Paper plates, cups and napkins for party

Pick the decorations you want!

Step 1:

Build the Octopus Cupcakes.

1. Frost your cupcakes with the blue frosting. We used a cake decorating tip to give the frosting a wave look
2. Cut your Sour Worms in Half
3. Add a smile to the gum drop with your decorating frosting
4. Use the white frosting to “glue” the candy eyes to the gum drops
5. Once the frosting has dried on the gum drops, place them in the center of your frosted cupcakes.
6. Surround each gum drop with 8 halves of the sour worms

How to - Octopus

How To - Candy Octopus Assembly

How To - Octopus Cupcake

Octopus Cupcakes

Step 2:

Make the Ocean Water.

1. 2-liter lemon lime soda
2. 46-ounce pineapple juice
3. 1-gallon Hawaiian Punch (any color or flavor)
4. Glass drink dispenser
5. Combine all ingredients. Add ice to chill. Serve immediately.
Note: To make a half recipe that fills a standard drink dispenser, simply pour half of each ingredient into your beverage holder of choice. There is no need to be precise. You can eyeball the amounts.

How to - Ocean Water Beverage

Sweet's Ocean Water

Step 3:

Make the candy kabobs.

1. Soak your kabob sticks in water to make it easier to place the taffy on the sticks. If you do not do this step, the taffy will smear together and won’t slide onto the sticks nicely.
2. Slide alternating flavors of taffy onto the kabab sticks.
3. We recommend using this as a fantastic centerpiece on your buffet. It looks great in the center with the taffy kabobs coming out of a jar. Eating them will be a bit messy since our taffy is already very soft so when you place them on the water soaked kabob sticks, they get gooey.

Taffy Kabobs

Step 4:

Fill your jars with candy.

1. Use the multi color sours as Beach Balls

Sours - Beach Balls

2. Use Sweet's Fish as "Tropical Fish"

Sweet's Fish as Tropical Fish

3. Lemonade Rings as Pool Floats

Lemonade Ring Pool Floats

4. Pina Colada Fruit Sours as Sea Pearls
Pina Colada Fruit Sours
5. Fill Sweet’s Beach Bucket with taffy! You can get one of these buckets by visiting Sweet Candy in Salt Lake City and filling it with taffy of your choice.

Recommend taffy for a fun, summer vibe:

1. Assorted Tropical
2. Banana Split

Sweet Candy Taffy Bucket

Step 5:

Print labels and attach them to each of the jars with twine!

Now all you have to do is decorate your table for your luau and place each piece. We also recommend creating our Taffy Leis that we made to add some more fun to your party! You can see how to make them from our blog!

Nothing says Hawaiian luau like a lei. You can make taffy leis for your party, get the instructions here.

Taffy Luau Lei

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