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August 15, 2017

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n 1940 Jack Sweet wanted to expand Sweet Candy’s chocolate offering.  He came up with the idea of covering sweet and tangy orange jelly in rich luscious milk chocolate, and thus the Chocolate Orange Stick was born.  Over the years Chocolate Sticks have become a part of countless family traditions.  Many people recount stories of waking up every Christmas with a box of Orange Sticks in their stockings; a tradition they have passed down to their children. What began with Orange has grown to new flavors including Raspberry, Cherry, and Blueberry.


1940 Packaging

1940 Orange Sticks Packaging


1965 Orange Sticks Packaging


1979 Orange Sticks Packaging


1992 Orange Sticks Packaging


2002 Orange Sticks Packaging


2009 Orange Sticks Packaging

Chocolate Orange Sticks have been a staple of Sweet Candy Company for 75 years.  For the stick lines 75th birthday we decided to give them a face lift! Not only have we updated the packaging but the Stick line is now made with no artificial colorand no artificial flavor!! Moving forward all of our delicious chocolate Sticks will be made with real fruit juice! We are continuing to offer Milk Chocolate Orange Sticks, Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks, Milk Chocolate Raspberry Sticks, and Dark Chocolate Blueberry Sticks.  We have discontinued our Dark Chocolate Raspberry Sticks and Milk Chocolate Cherry Sticks.  We are excited to announce the introduction of the Dark Chocolate Cherry Sticks to this line!

New 2017 Packaging

New Orange Sticks Packaging

New Raspberry Sticks Packaging

New Blueberry Sticks Packaging

Sweet Candy takes pride in providing the best tasting candy made from the best ingredients.  Tell us what you think of these changes on Facebook or Twitter! We would love to hear what you think!

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Dana Hogge
Dana Hogge

January 09, 2019

Your orange sticks candy has been a favorite candy for my mother and myself for as long as i can remember. I remember when a box of chocolates would have a couple jelly sticks. We would fight over who got them. The orange sticks are by far the best candy ever produced. Thank You. I wish i could find them in stores all the time not just the holidays.

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