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    Sweet's Non-GMO Stars come in a 4 flavor assortment of strawberry, tangerine, cherry, and pomegranate. The star shape of this candy makes this product multi-functional. The stars are great to use for crafting, gift-giving, or personal indulgence.



    • Flavor Strawberry, Tangerine, Cherry, and Pomegranate
    • Color: Orange, Red, Pink, Purple
    • Great for crafting, gifting, candy buffets, weddings, showers, displaying
    • Value Pack, approximately 250 stars per bag
    • Amount: 5 Pounds
    • Kosher: Parve
    • Gluten-Free
    Non-GMO Project Verified | Proud USA Company | Kosher (Parve) | Certified Gluten Free

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Ron Paul Won 2012
    Nephews LOVE these. Eaten fastest among candies. TOP NOTCH. Amazing, unique taste/texture.

    reminds me of tropical fruit flavored dots - except of course way better. my fam disagrees on that, but all agree this is one of the best candies you can buy.

    just one is satisfying. several is a delight.

    well done. I always appreciate careful ingredient selection, and am always willing to pay more for taste and quality (which affects health, organs, and brain function. plus with giving candy to children, it is important to me not to have ingredients and food colorings known to hurt the brain or fertility or mental health either.

    These "non-gmo" sourced stars are way better than tropical competitor candies. These just tasted like much better version. My mom notices this too, when I get her to pay attention to ingredients, the better ingredients TASTE better.

    Wanted to thank sweets for making these. I couldn't find "gummy stars" anywhere by searching that term, had to remember the sweets candy website.

    a little search engine submission and IT stuff may help, not my forte

    but i'll go out of my way to purchase these until they are easy to find.

    thanks again, keep up the good work.
    forgive the rush review, but twas criminal these fine candies had not ONE review. So here's my two cents. My nephews picked them out among other candies and I know NOBODY else even has "gummy stars" to compete with! What a gift.