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Make Your Own Chocolate Candy Box for Valentine's Day

Make Your Own Chocolate Candy Box for Valentines Day

Check out these fun DIY chocolate candy boxes for Valentine’s day! Forget those pre-packaged chocolate boxes at the store. Your relationship is unique, so should your chocolate box! You can get so creative with these! Feel free to mix and match your favorite candies to build the custom chocolate candy box you’re loved one will enjoy! 


Fun Fact: Where do Chocolate Valentine’s Day Boxes Come from?

The tradition of giving chocolates to your loved ones on Valentine's Day can be traced back in time to the Victorian era. Richard Cadbury of the English chocolate-making family "invented" the very first Valentine's Day chocolate candy box. The Victorians loved to decorate cards with cupids holding their bows and arrows of love, but ended up transferring those images to the lids of the heart-shaped chocolate boxes you see today! Thanks, Richard Cadbury!

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • We found these adorable heart shaped-boxes at the Dollar Tree store. There were many sizes to choose from.

  • Mini cupcake liners

Valentine’s Candy You’ll Need:

If you’re looking to order Valentine’s Candy in bulk, Sweet Candy Company has got you and your loved ones covered! Receive free shipping on any orders over $75. All of our Valentines Day candy is certified kosher and gluten-free. Give us a call at (855) 772-7720 for any questions!