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Milk Chocolate Raspberry Sticks

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Raspberry jelly centers drenched in luscious milk chocolate make this confection irresistible. Each box contains 10.5 ounces of pure delight.
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Sweet Candy Company's classic Chocolate Covered Raspberry Sticks are the perfect candy to eat yourself or gift to a friend. Soft, fresh raspberry centers blanketed in rich milk chocolate are always enjoyed. Sweet's 10.5oz box contains approximately 38 sticks per box. Made in the USA. Kosher Dairy.

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  • Raspberry Jelly Centers with Milk Chocolate. Raspberry Chocolate Candy.
  • Milk Chocolate Raspberry Sticks make a wonderful gift or a great personal indulgence. Wrap two boxes together for seasonal gifting. Great to use as stocking stuffers.
  • Classic graphics on box. Approximately 38 sticks per box.
  • Amount: 10.5oz of candy
  • Sugar Free: No
  • Kosher: Dairy
  • Personalized gift message is available at checkout.

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  • Milk Chocolate Raspberry Sticks
  • Milk Chocolate Raspberry Sticks
Customer Comments
AWESOME Review by grsnnypepper (Posted on 1/4/14)
Overall Review
My husband bought me the raspberry dark chocolate for Christmas. You just cant eat just one. Walmart only sells them for the holidays. They need to available year round. Soooooo addicting, good thing im not diabetic!!!!
gotta keep getting more jellies Review by travlinggypsy (Posted on 4/18/13)
Overall Review
i love these, wish i could share with others but seem to keep them to myself. they are reasonablely priced and delicious.
i love the dark raspberry ones Review by cat lady (Posted on 3/7/13)
Overall Review
i am adicted and the price for a six or twelve box set is fabulous but i stopped the order when i saw the shipping price was almost as much as the price of the candy. that saddened me very very much.
Wonderful chocolate raspberry combo Review by Sweetness (Posted on 1/20/12)
Overall Review
I received the "orange" and "raspberry" sticks as a gift from my friend stateside. I thought that since I was on a semi-fast, the delightful looking packages would please a friend (instead of me) for her birthday with a note that it was received from a friend and that I wanted to share it with her for her special day. The "raspberry" I thought my daughter and husband would enjoy. Well, I couldn't resist the flavor I like next to "orange" so I opened the box, and regretfully could not stop until the first layer was nearly gone. OMG! This product needs to be marketed in Japan. I truly enjoyed the mild chocolate with the soft raspberry jellied center. I can't wait to try the other flavors.
I LOVE the Raspberry Sticks! Review by kelli (Posted on 10/8/11)
Overall Review
my favorite!
Fantastic Review by Chockoholic (Posted on 6/22/11)
Overall Review
Raspberry and chocolate go together so very well , wish they made a dark chocolate version as that combo is even better . These are not too sweet and just right .
in love Review by Ashley Of IL (Posted on 6/2/11)
Overall Review
I love these! the best part is you can suck off the chocolate and eat the yummy middle. Also you can put them in the freezer for like an hour, then when you take them out you can can eat them like a sucker or ice-cream. ENJOY :D
Soooooooo delicious !!!!! Review by Steven (Posted on 3/6/11)
Overall Review
I found these while Christmas shopping a few years ago at K-mart. I Iove the raspberry candy chocolates that you find in boxes of assorted chocolates and sometimes the valentines heart boxes of chocolate. But these are so unbeleivably delicious I have to be careful to not eat the entire box! Please don't ever stop making these!
Awesome product Review by buybread (Posted on 2/21/11)
Overall Review
Found these on the Christmas discount rack and couldn't resist. Was certainly happy I took the chance as they are totally delicious. Great flavored jelly center and good quality chocolate all around. Take two or three -- they're small!
AWESOME Review by Raspberry Craze (Posted on 1/15/11)
Overall Review
These are not fresh as the one's from the mall but for the price Walmart sells them, I'll never buy from the mall again. They are addicting, perfect for that guilt free feeling of just a little bite of choc. I would like to suggest these in the dark chocolate please.
Amazing! Review by TexanGal (Posted on 12/2/10)
Overall Review
So I found some (only the milk chocolate in orange and raspberry) at wal-mart the other day and I have to admit I found a new bad delicious habit. Compared to local/mall chocolate factories/stores these are AMAZING especially for the price. The chocolate raspberry jelly filled sticks at my local mall candy store are about$0.75 for a stick! so glad I found these!
Wonderful Review by Ali Kat (Posted on 11/7/10)
Overall Review
I purchased these on a whim and I was so impressed. The jelly centers are just right, and I loved the chocolate coating. Then I come to the website and see they not only have orange, but orange with dark chocolate?!? Yummy...
bombdiggity Review by jellycenter (Posted on 11/1/10)
Overall Review
this stuff is great. why aren't we out in the streets telling people about this stuff. need to make bigger boxes so they,(some) make it home.
DELICIOUS! Review by Kokobearno (Posted on 10/28/10)
Overall Review
Best candy ever invented. I wish i knew how to make them. Gawd it sooooooo good. i can only find them at a little isolated candy shop were they sell old fashion candies. like half an hour away. I've eaten half the box and i havn't even gotten home yet.
Great Review by Helen (Posted on 9/26/10)
Overall Review
I have looked everywhere for the perfect raspberry jelly center. I've finally found it.
Walmart better stock up!!!
Without A Doubt Review by Aunt Kim (Posted on 8/23/10)
Overall Review
Without a doubt, this is one of the best candies I have ever eaten. It was difficult to not eat the whole box at once!
very good but not great Review by texasbonnie (Posted on 7/19/10)
Overall Review
Not the best milk chocolate covering I've had, but very good for the price. We ate half the box on the way home from the store.
Love at First Taste Review by Margaret (Posted on 7/9/10)
Overall Review
I purchased these at my local WalMart Neighborhood Market.
These candies ARE by far the Very Best Milk Chocolate Raspberry candy I have ever tasted.
I am Addicted
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