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Birthday Party Candy

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  1. Assorted Salt Water Taffy

    Assorted Salt Water Taffy


    Traditional, nostalgic, and Old-School are three ways to describe Sweet's Assorted Salt Water Taffy. In this mix, Sweet's most popular classic and fruity flavors come together. Learn More
  2. Totally Taffy

    Totally Taffy


    Sweet's Tart 'n Tangy Totally Taffy is sure to tickle your taste-buds. Wonderful tart flavors in a soft, non-sticky, wrapped piece of taffy. Learn More
  3. Fruit Slices

    Fruit Slices


    Can't get enough of the fruity flavors of summer? Let Sweet's Fruit Slices remind you of your favorite fruits from summer. Lemon, Orange, Cherry and Lime candy slices are near perfection. Learn More
  4. Fruit Sours

    Fruit Sours


    Sweet's Fruit Sours are no ordinary sour. Each sour is made using a special process to highlight the flavor punch. The flavors of the assortment are: cherry, lemon, grape, tangerine and sour apple. Learn More
  5. Jelly Beans

    Jelly Beans


    Ahhh Jelly Beans... there's just something about traditional, versatile jelly beans. Sweet's Jelly Beans combine fabulous flavor and texture into a single bean. Learn More
  6. Cherry Cola Taffy

    Cherry Cola Taffy


    Sit back and relax in the corner booth at your favorite diner... pop in a piece of Sweet's Chery Cola taffy and listen to the tunes on the juke box.
    Learn More
  7. Pick Your Sticks - 6 Pack Bundle

    Pick Your Sticks - 6 Pack Bundle


    Sticks Bundle - 6 pack Learn More
  8. Pick Your Sticks - 12 Pack Bundle

    Pick Your Sticks - 12 Pack Bundle


    Sticks Bundle - 12 pack Learn More
  9. Cherry Fruit Sours Pouch

    Cherry Fruit Sours Pouch


    Sweet's Cherry Sours are phenomenal. They're the perfect mix of sweetness and sourness, in bright red shimmery balls. Now available in a 7 oz. zippered pouch. Learn More

9 Item(s)

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