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Birthday Party Candy

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  1. Candy Pebbles

    Candy Pebbles


    It looks like a pebble, but it doesn't taste like a pebble. Sweet's Candy Pebbles are a jelly-bean like candy, made to look like candy pebbles. These pebbles are perfect for cake decorating, gingerbread houses, or eating. Learn More
  2. Jelly Beans

    Jelly Beans


    Ahhh Jelly Beans... there's just something about traditional, versatile jelly beans. Sweet's Jelly Beans combine fabulous flavor and texture into a single bean. Learn More
  3. Taffy Mixer

    Taffy Mixer


    Choose your own packaging (3 ratios: half-and-half, thirds and quarters) and flavors (28 flavors). Flavors include Banana, Candy Corn, Caramel, Cherry, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Egg Nog, Huckleberry, Orange, Peppermint, Raspberry, Vanilla, Strawberry and more.
    Learn More
  4. Gum Drops - Jumbo

    Gum Drops - Jumbo


    Sweet's Jumbo Gum Drops can be used in so many ways. Just think what your cakes and cookies could look like when you use them for baking. What kind of craft can you make with these jumbo drops? Or be a traditionalist and just eat them. Learn More

4 Item(s)

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