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  1. Totally Taffy

    Totally Taffy


    Sweet's Tart 'n Tangy Totally Taffy is sure to tickle your taste-buds. Wonderful tart flavors in a soft, non-sticky, wrapped piece of taffy. Learn More
  2. Fruit Sours

    Fruit Sours


    Sweet's Fruit Sours are no ordinary sour. Each sour is made using a special process to highlight the flavor punch. The flavors of the assortment are: cherry, lemon, grape, tangerine and sour apple. Learn More
  3. Taffy Mixer

    Taffy Mixer


    Choose your own packaging (3 ratios: half-and-half, thirds and quarters) and flavors (28 flavors). Flavors include Banana, Candy Corn, Caramel, Cherry, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Egg Nog, Huckleberry, Orange, Peppermint, Raspberry, Vanilla, Strawberry and more.
    Learn More
  4. Halloween Sour Bats

    Halloween Sour Bats


    Sweet's Halloween Sour Bats are orange, green and purple sour shaped bats. Perfect for the Autumn Season! Learn More
  5. Nummy Fruit Snacks

    Nummy Fruit Snacks


    Sweet's Nummy Cubbies are made with real fruit juice. The five flavor assortment of cherry, lemon, orange, sour apple and grape flavored Nummy Cubbies make a great snack. Learn More
  6. Gum Drops - Jumbo

    Gum Drops - Jumbo


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    Sweet's Jumbo Gum Drops can be used in so many ways. Just think what your cakes and cookies could look like when you use them for baking. What kind of craft can you make with these jumbo drops? Or be a traditionalist and just eat them. Learn More
  7. Gum Drops - Mini

    Gum Drops - Mini


    Sweet's mini gum drops can be used in so many ways. Try them in your baking, or crafting projects. Gingerbread houses look terrific when adorned with Sweet's mini gum drops. Or just try eating them one after the other. Learn More
  8. Grape Fruit Sours

    Grape Fruit Sours


    Sweet's Grape Sours are incredible little balls of sweet and sour. Each sour is made using a special technique to highlight the flavor. Learn More
  9. Grape Sours Pouch

    Grape Sours Pouch


    Sweet's Grape Sours are phenomenal. They're the perfect mix of sweetness and sourness, in bright purple shimmery balls. Now available in a 7 oz. zippered pouch. Learn More

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